About Us


Leading Edge Alliance Software Consultants (LEA-Soft)

  • Leading Edge Alliance Software Consultants (LEA-Soft) is a professional firm with regional focus and global representation. Our spectrum of services covers various aspects of digital business in the UAE, as well as various jurisdictions.

  • We offer our clients a complete range of professional services including software development; education and training; consultancy and advisory; strategic research and market insights. We believe that there is a huge potential in cutting-edge technologies, i.e. blockchain, AI, big data, predictive analytics, quantum computing, etc. in solving real world problems for both SME’s and large organizations.

  • Our sister companies are specialized in auditing, accounting and management consultancy. They have also developed customized ERP software and VAT accounting software. These products can be integrated with current customer applications and can be customized based on their requirements. Furthermore, these solutions can fit any kind of business or industry such as retail, wholesale, manufacturing, job-work contracting, real estate and service-based enterprises.